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Custom Homes

Residential Water Treatment Systems for Custom Homes

Custom Homes require treating your water in three distinctly different ways – Whole House Water Filtration, Whole House Water Softening or Salt Free Conditioning and Purification through Reverse Osmosis for your drinking water needs. If your house is in planning or in the framing stage, we have the unique capability to install a centralized Water Purification System to supply multiple points of use throughout your home.

Our 3 Steps to a Complete Water Treatment System explains this process in detail.

Taking a project management approach, each of our clients are personally consulted with to include:

  1. Initial meeting to discuss options
    A personal meeting will be scheduled to explain all the available water treatment options and determine the viability of the installation.
  2. System Design
    Based on needs and desires discussed, a system will be designed to address the areas of importance for the home owner.
  3. Proposal Creation
    With the equipment and installation locations now determined, our project managers will work up a proposal for the system including equipment, installation parts and labor.
  4. Contract Approval and Project Management
    Upon approval of the contract, our project managers will coordinate each job with our installation department to insure a trouble free installation and application of our equipment.
  5. Project Completion
    Upon final installation of equipment, each component of the system is thoroughly tested to assure proper function and water quality. Our project managers will conduct a follow-up visit to test the water quality and to explain the system to the owners.
  6. Comprehensive Service
    We provide the most complete and comprehensive service program in the industry to insure that each system will continue to supply the highest quality water possible for a lifetime of use.
Water treatment for new residential construction

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