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Water Techniques - 2915 Daimler Street,Santa Ana, CA. 92705

Without chlorine or hard water your skin is left clean and soft.

food service water filtration systems

What you drink and cook tastes better, with peace of mind.

Residential water treatment system service

Soft water keeps clothes brighter with 50% less detergent.

For water you can trust, call:


Commerical Water Treatment Solutions

Service and manufacturing companies rely on quality water as a part of their daily needs. From providing drinking water to employees to serving a fresh cup of coffee, washing clothes and dishes, to high purity manufacturing requirements, water quality will make a difference.


Custom Designed Water Treatment Systems

Whether you are building a custom home or live in an existing one, Water Techniques provides a variety of water treatment solutions including Whole House Filtration, Whole House Water Softening or Conditioning and Water Purification for your drinking water needs.

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